UPDATED: Awesome Discounts for 50+

Hi everyone!  I received this “senior discount” list from a friend and I thought…

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Healthy Exercise Tips for the 50+

It’s been widely accepted that if you have problems sleeping, notice your moods vary…

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Meet Dr. Alexis

Alexis Abramson, PhD is an internationally recognized Boomer/50+ lifestyle expert. She's a highly esteemed speaker, product spokesperson, corporate consultant, Emmy & Gracie award-winning journalist and on-air expert.

How old is your skin? Take the pinch test.

Unfortunately there’s NO debating the fact that as we age our skin loses its…

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aging in place

50+ Friendly Fitness Gadgets & Apps

Getting into the groove to exercise is tough, but what if you had a…

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Dr. Alexis Approved: Nike Free

The best shoes for walking (that don’t look ridiculous!) The Nike Free series is extremely…

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How to Stay Socially Connected

As we age, we tend to become creatures of habit – even more so…

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Technology “Must Haves” for the 50+ 

When it comes to technology, businesses are realizing that the 50+ demographic — which…

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Care.com Dr. Alexis

9 Tips for Coping with Remote Caregiver Guilt

Isabella Yosuico, a contributor for www.care.com, recently interviewed me for an article about how to…

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Boomer News Roundup: Sept. 9th

I’ve been saying it for years, retailers need to do a better job of…

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Pls. stop ignoring the $15T 50+ market?

There are far more older adults alive right now than in all of human…

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tax deductions for caregivers

Caregiving Expenses Can Pay Off at Tax Time

Caring for an elderly parent can be a pricey proposition, costing the average family…

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