Be the “CEO” of Your Own Caregiving

As an internationally recognized caregiving expert who has been in the field for over…

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Sky Diving

Adventure? Why not for Boomers?

There is much concern that bucket lists can go 'bad' and boomer 'thrills' can become life threatening.

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Pls. stop ignoring the $15T 50+ market?

There are far more older adults alive right now than in all of human…

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Yahoo! Voices Talks with Dr. Alexis

Dr. Alexis Abramson is an industry expert for people over 50. Dr. Abramson and her team, work across a broad spectrum of industries...

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Live to 100 Inforgraphic

Living to 100 – A Fountain of Youth?

Famous comedian George Burns was once quoted as saying, “If you live to be…

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Women Over 50 Are Shaping America’s Political Destiny

What a year 2016 has been! For American politics, it’s the year women truly…

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Corporate America’s Caregiver Crisis

I recently gave a keynote speech to a room comprised of 1000 or so…

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fashonable woman

How to Stay Fashionable After 50

There’s no reason to stop caring about fashion after a certain age. Instead of…

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pill id image

Smartphone Apps for Your Health

App creators have come up with a variety of easy-to-use tools that can be downloaded to help keep track of important health information.

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aging in place

50+ Friendly Fitness Gadgets & Apps

Getting into the groove to exercise is tough, but what if you had a…

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RLTV Shoot for Careline Commercial

Dr. Alexis Abramson Takes Aim

I was fortunate to have recently been interviewed by Colin Milner, the CEO of…

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Boomer-Friendly Ski Resorts!!!

Here’s a definite “SHOUT OUT” to all organizations stepping up and raising the bar for the…

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men who are caregivers

Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s

The latest statistics reveal that one in three people will die with some form…

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Nurses and Doctors

Getting Well Without the Wait

For a generation who is raising our families on microwaved meals and managing our…

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Caffeine Sharpens Your Memory???

I just read some interesting new research in the latest edition of THE WEEK….I thought…

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mixed race family

Grandparenting in the Melting Pot

Most people feel that having a mixed-race grandchild is no big deal and a great gift.  There’s so much to enjoy by having a family that is influenced by more than one cultural or ethnic tradition.

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Boomer News Roundup: Sept. 9th

I’ve been saying it for years, retailers need to do a better job of…

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Boomer News Roundup: Sept. 5th

Remember metal lunch boxes? Do you still have yours? You can still buy some…

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60 Yr. Old Hipsters Move to the City

Armed with money to spend and a free-spirit desiring urban culture, boomers are abandoning the suburbs for condo living in the city.

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White Paper: Meal Services for Seniors

This white paper was written as part of a comprehensive consulting arrangement for Morrison…

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Technology “Must Haves” for the 50+ 

When it comes to technology, businesses are realizing that the 50+ demographic — which…

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