“Abramson’s knowledge on senior issues and resources is vast. She writes with genuine compassion both for the “sandwich generation” and those they care for.”

-Cleveland Plain-Dealer

“With one in four families now caring for an older family member, Abramson’s book is an invaluable tool.”

-Chicago Tribune

“During this high energy presentation Doctor Alexis helps you understand what it takes to get the 50+ population to not only listen – but take immediate action when they hear your companies’ message!”

Mark Leckie
President, Duracell and Braun, Procter & Gamble Company

“If you or someone you know is currently a caregiver you can’t afford to miss this incredibly insightful and information packed presentation.”

-Debbie Korompilas
Head of Trust and Estate Services, Bank of Montreal

“If you think your organizations product, service or message needs to be more “mature-friendly” – this presentation is perfect for you and your employees!”

-Darlene Gudea
Editor and Publisher, Builder Magazine

 “If you’re thinking about starting a company or creating a new product or service for the boomer and mature market Doctor Alexis will teach you all the secrets you need to know!”

-Joel Namath
Senior Partner, Mercer Management

 “This groundbreaking presentation will give you insight as to what changes need to be made within your community or organization to create offerings that will adapt to a diverse aging population.“

-Dr. Merril Silverstein
rofessor of Gerontology, Syracuse University

“Missing out on this presentation means missing out on the opportunity to learn how to target (and capture!) part of the 50+ population’s annual spending of over $3 trillion. “

-Elliot Jacobson
Senior Vice President, Retirement Living Television

“This outstanding presentation enlightens and gets audiences thinking by discussing and dispelling the top 12 myths about marketing to the 50+ population!” 

-Van Davis
President & CEO, Century 21 Real Estate Corporation

“Abramson’s soothing, compassionate advice, are sure to bolster the sense of self of many adults who are dealing with caring for their aging parents.”

-Publisher’s Weekly 

“In order to better understand the mature market we must thoroughly understand the factors that both contribute to its complexity and make individuals within the segment respond differently to marketing stimuli. This presentation very effectively explains how to successfully tackle both of these objectives.“

Professor George Moschis
Executive Director, Center for Mature Consumer Studies

“We can’t debate aging policy unless we understand it — this presentation clarifies and simplifies confusing political jargon so that it has meaning and applicability.“

-Edwin Méndez-Santiago
Former Commissioner, New York City Department of Aging

“Aging can bring with it much loss; this presentation will motivate and inspire the audience to live their lives with the energy and happiness that they deserve. “

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Founder of the Spiritual Eldering Institute

“If your company needs to more clearly understand the current concerns and future challenges of an aging workforce Doctor Alexis will single-handedly deliver all the information you need!“ 

-Claudia Patton
Chief Talent Officer, Edelman PR Worldwide

“Doctor Alexis gave us a presentation that was beyond our wildest expectations.  The entire audience, young and old, walked out inspired and re-invigorated!  She is a truly inspirational speaker and an absolute pleasure to be around.” 

-Gail Rankin
Executive Director, Classic Residence at Hyatt



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