We are living in an age where technology drives the world. Seniors may not be the first or second ones to adjust to this digital era, yet they too live with the times. Over the past few years, smartphones have slowly replaced press keyboards, and contain numerous apps that can help seniors keep in touch with their loved ones. However, many of these apps may be too complex for the old people and due to this fact, we provide the ten best apps for seniors that could offer a great help and give them more reason to befriend technology.

1. Senior Phone

This app for seniors was created so as to replace the standard screen on Android devices where instead of small icons of uncountable and unnecessary apps, there are large color differentiated buttons with understandable texts (call, text, locate, SOS) which clearly lead to the essential functions of the phone.

2. Magnifying Glass with Flashlight

Having an app for seniors that enables them to read the small print in restaurants or prescription bottles, by combining the flashlight app with the magnifying app, makes their life easier. This app does just that.

3. Kindle

E-reading is made easier by this app for old people. It enables them to enlarge the text, adjust brightness of the screen, has a built-in dictionary, and for night time readers, Kindle app for seniors provides for an invert mode (white text on black background). Best of all, you’ll have easy access to large selection of new books.

4. LibriVox

One’s visual capability reduces with age. This is why this app for elderly people provides for a large variety of more than 15,000 free audiobooks to stream or download for those who prefer audiobooks.

5. MedWatcher

In collaboration with the FDA, this app for seniors is a handy mobile reminder that helps to schedule medication and exercises. It also gives access to drug descriptions, medical uses, and known side effects.

6. Evernote

Instead of jotting down information on any book or piece of paper, Evernote seniors’ app enables you to save any information that you would like to remember. This information is accessible on any device with the installed app; so if you write a shopping list on your desktop, you can still access it on your mobile phone while at the supermarket.

7. Silver Surf

This is a free iPad app for old people that optimizes web surfing for older users who might struggle with reading small text or have trouble navigating. Additionally, replacing the ‘pinch to zoom’ option with a simple zoom slider makes it easier for those with arthritis.

8. Clevermind

For those with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairment, this app offers a variety of quizzes, games and brain teasers for exercising their mind.

9. Prismatic

All the news on the internet can be tuned and adjusted to match your interests thanks to this useful app.

10. Yesterday USA

Popular shows from the 1920s to 1950s are broadcasted immersing the listener into the peaceful old-time atmosphere they enjoy.

Technology is introduced to make life easier. In some cases, seniors are not well adapted to the new technology as it changes from time to time. Therefore, app designers put the elderly into consideration while creating these apps to make their lives better. These apps for seniors are solely designed to make technology work for everyone, regardless of age.


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