The baby boomers were born between the years 1946 and 1964. The 80M+ baby boomers are certainly not a homogeneous group. Learning how to properly connect with this unique population segment can take your marketing and advertising successes to a whole new level. By understanding the top 10 baby boomers characteristics and statistics, you can fully customize your efforts by creating a personalized and engaging customer experience. Incorporating your knowledge around specific attributes about baby boomers into your deliverables will allow your organization to achieve success in your promotional efforts geared toward this target rich segment of the population.

In order to create a successful boomer consumer marketing campaign, you must understand the cohorts distinct characteristics and find ways to incorporate specific elements into your messaging. Creating a campaign that appeals to the baby boomer audience is key to convincing them to take an action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a subscription. When you get your boomer consumer marketing right, you will receive an incredible return on your investment. But if you get it wrong – your business may only experience lost opportunities and suffer in the long run. The information offered below will help you to understand the audience you are targeting so that you can create engaging campaigns for the baby boomer market.

Baby Boomer Statistics

  1. The average age of the baby boomer in the US is 50 to 69 years.
  2. The baby boomer generation makes up over 80 million people in the United States.
  3. Representing a significant portion of the population, baby boomer statistics have revealed that only 10% of business promotional efforts are geared towards the 50+.
  4. Statistics have shown that baby boomer buying power is expected to grow over 20% over the next decade.
  5. Over 80% of baby boomers belong to at least a single social media site.
  6. Baby boomer statistics have shown that seniors spend at least 10-15 hours of their time online.
  7. Adults over the age of 50 years, expenditure averaging billions is expected annually online.
  8. A failure to capitalize on these markets is lost revenue and a lost opportunity for new business expansion and brand awareness.
  9. Mature markets over the age of 50 have shown greater luxury expenditure in travels and general purchases.
  10. 40-50% of baby boomers use their smartphones to make purchases.

Baby Boomers Characteristics

  1. Baby boomers characteristics include a vested interest in a professional outlook and a strong sense of self in their employment status.
  2. With a significant portion of their lives spent at work, most seniors are influenced by rational decision making.
  3. Tailored marketing efforts should include factual relevance, providing your target markets with the information they need to convince them of a good, quality purchase.
  4. Many boomers were raised in a very structured and well-disciplined household. They are not convinced by gimmicks, over the top promises and unnecessary flashy images to invest in your product, service or brand.
  5. Baby boomer characteristics include independence, responsibility and maturity. They are equipped to make up their own minds and determine what is most valuable or significant.
  6. Baby boomers make smart decisions based on available resources.
  7. Older target markets are best motivated by natural competition and work hard to achieve every success, including professional opportunities in the workplace.
  8. Baby boomers are confident. They have responsibilities and abide by societal rules.
  9. Mature audiences respond to respect for their authority. They appreciate being listened to and are willing to share their opinions and interests.
  10. The baby boomer does not part with their money easily.


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