When men and women belonging to the baby boomer generation were questioned on their average life expectancy, the answers were quite surprising. Most individuals expected to reach their late sixties to mid seventies, but the reality of senior life expectancy is that more people are reaching their 80s and 90s and still living independently! The greater longevity in mature adults has also had an impact on business. Products, services and brand creation are geared towards lifestyle enhancements, support efforts, and ways of addressing the various stages in the lives of the silent generation. We look at the latest baby boomers lifestyle trends for 2018.

Professional Marketing Opportunities

For 2018, marketing campaigns have shifted towards lifestyle improvements. This includes living in comfortable communities, investing in preferred activities at their leisure, and taking care of their health. With advances in technology including quick access to social media and online research, the baby boomers trends have moved towards lifestyle and longevity marketing efforts.


Companies are encouraged to examine the obstacles that present in the lives of baby boomers when reaching and during retirement. While a consistent salary may no longer be viable, retirees still wish to live full, comfortable lives, able to afford the things they love the most. From luxury vacations to sports including golf, businesses can incorporate careful marketing strategies aimed at lifestyle enhancement and affordability for the silent generation.

Companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to advertise through email subscriptions, newsletters, social media and online strategy to reach the baby boomer market. Baby boomers lifestyle trends in 2018 are expected to focus on economical comforts including discounted accommodation, resorts, secure complexes, and retirement centers with independent living. Many seniors invest in modern devices such as laptops, tablets, and high definition television for entertainment, and much more. Emphasis is on lifestyle factors creating relaxation, security and pleasurable activities.


The average age of the baby boomer is 75 years. Statistics have shown a rise in the number of persons living beyond 80 and having to manage ongoing frailty or chronic conditions. Baby boomers trends focus on innovative and reliable medical technology and healthcare support. Men and women of the silent generation are more likely to invest in medical devices, gadgets and resources that address their clinical needs.

With more people having to manage health conditions individually or that of a spouse, there is greater interest in supportive solutions to improve everyday living. From surgery to medical alert devices offering 24 hour online assistance, businesses are focusing on wellness solutions.

Baby Boomers Lifestyle Trends

Businesses emphasize the importance of an integrated and personalized approach, this caters to the silent generation. Baby boomers want healthcare support, reliable products, entertainment and affordable options to enjoy their lives.

Marketing opportunities are best focused on lifestyle improvements and support, with emphasis on value and cost savings. Tailoring professional campaigns and delving into this forgotten target market can reap incredible ROI and brand expansion. For the entrepreneur, seeking small or medium business success, the baby boomers trends can deliver incredible results.


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