In this article we will explore how you can use a marketing consultant to help your business grow. Specifically, how a Generational Marketing Consultant can help you refine your business focus, get new clients, and help you better meet the needs of your existing customers! First we will discuss what a Generational Marketing Consultant does – in broad terms. We will talk about the very powerful advantages to your company that come about from using the services of a Generational Marketing Consultant. Lastly, we will list some pragmatic reasons why Generational Marketing Consultants make sense for your business.

What is a Generational Marketing Consultant?

A Generational Marketing Consultant is someone who specializes in creating and implementing marketing plans and using strategies that center on the products and services your company provides. A Generational Marketing Consultant will give you different services than say, an advertising firm. Advertisers would get to know your key messages, create ads that will entice new customers to buy your product or engage your service or purchase your product. A Generational Marketing Consultant can help you find new clients and generate new leads and in addition, the Generational Marketing Consultant will help you understand how to better engage the customers you already have, and help you understand how to convert new leads into satisfied customers. Because they are experts at analyzing data, they will be able to help expand your base of clients by understanding how to market to the unique values, motivations and needs of different generations.

Many marketing consultants specialize in a certain area, such as online marketing strategies. Generational Marketing Consultants specialize in creating marketing plans that help a business target the unique needs, motivations, values and preferences of the five generations that are currently in our workforce. That’s right, five! The five generations are known as the Traditionalists, those who were born before 1946. Next come the Baby Boomers. They are generally identified as those born anywhere from 1946 to 1964. After Boomers comes Generation X, a moniker attached to the babies born between 1965 and 1976. Next, Generation Y, otherwise known as the Millennials. The Millennials were born between 1977 and 1997. Lastly, Generation Z is the name we call those born after approximately 1997 – 2012.

Why do I need a Generational Marketing Consultant?

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring a Generational Marketing Consultant. As the leader in your business, think about some of the following symptoms that may indicate a deeper malady. For example, do you feel that your business is stagnating? Do you have a great product or service and feel like you should be generating more sales, but your growth has hit a plateau and sales figures have leveled off? A Generational Marketing Consultant can help analyze data to discover where to focus your time and energy to rectify that situation.

Perhaps you feel like you are not connecting with your customers as deeply as you would like? The strategies you used to employ with great success don’t seem to have the same impact anymore. For example, have you done a direct mail marketing campaign recently? Direct mailings used to work great, but this time it did not generate any new leads? Or perhaps you have felt that you have too many irons in the fire? In other words, you feel that your company is going in too many directions at once, and has lost the laser-like focus that you had when you started the company? A Generational Marketing Consultant can lead the discussion with you and your team to help refocus your business mission and vision, and help you understand which marketing campaigns work with each of your client bases. Maybe direct mail campaigns do still work, but perhaps  not with Generation Z clients? Would Facebook ads appeal to Baby Boomers over 60 years old? A Generational Marketing Consultant will help you understand generational differences, and be your guide leading you in the right direction to wisely spend your marketing budget.

As mentioned before, there are five generations currently in the workforce. Each of these generations have unique characteristics and values that vastly change the strategies one would employ when marketing to each generation. According to a Pew research study, The Baby Boomers, born from 1946-1964 living through the Great Depression and World War II most value honesty and work ethic. Now lets – contrast that with Generation Z consumers. According to a recent Forbes Magazine article, by the year 2020, Gen Z will account for a jaw-dropping 40% of all consumers! This generation was born with the internet, and grew up with SmartPhones in their hands. When marketing to a Baby Boomer, taking time to create a relationship and trust is very important. Generation Z consumers main focus is value. You could put out the fanciest, glossy advertisement, and Gen Z consumers would most likely just scroll right past the ad. They want to know how your product or service, and your company and it’s resources, can help them. This is very different from Baby Boomers. That is just one example of how generational marketing is complex and complicated. I firmly believe that the investment of time and resources to understand how to create value and market to each of the five generations can pay off in huge dividends. I also feel the opposite is true. If a company decides to ignore employees and customers generational differences by just doing the “status quo” in terms of marketing, sales and advertising – that business is doomed to fail. A Generational Marketing Consultant can help you navigate the desires, motivations, influences, values and needs of these vastly different generations.

You will also benefit from the services of a Generational Marketing Consultant if you feel your business is doing well, but you want to know how you are doing in more concrete terms. You don’t want to just go by your “feeling” and “gut instinct” –  you want hard data. A marketing consultant help you decide which key metrics would be best to keep track of for your particular business. Would it be best to keep track of website traffic? If you have a brick-and-mortar store, perhaps data on daily foot traffic is what you need. Do you question how many people are engaged in your businesses social media platforms? What about the all-important lead to sales conversion ratios? How have you been doing lately on that metric? All of these questions can be answered with the specialized skills of a Generational Marketer.

Speaking of social media, a Generational Marketing Consultant knows with incredible depth what kind of social media platforms and messages appeal to each of the five generations. Do those consumers in the Baby Boomer Generation, born between 1946 and 1964, even use social media? If so, which platform do they use the most? There is one social media platform that is most preferred by the Baby Boomer Generation, and with the millions of Americans in this generation, the wise business owner should know precisely what kind of platform to use, and what kind of message to craft, that will most appeal to this group of affluent consumers. Don’t worry if you don’t already know, your Generational Marketing Consultant will have all the information you need!

A Generational Marketing Consultant can help convert leads to clients

One of the most important reasons to hire a Generational Marketing Consultant is directly related to your bottom line. If your organization is in a situation where sales have leveled off, and growth is not hitting projections – it makes sense to bring in an a 3rd party expert. If the situation sounds like this: you seem to get a decent amount of leads and inquiries into your business, but you have difficulty with the conversion of those leads into paying clients. Through careful data analysis and an in-depth understanding of your business, products and services, a Generational Marketing Consultant can help you determine what business strategies you need to employ to increase the all-important conversion rate.

Hiring a marketing consultant for your business can be useful. Acquiring the services of a Generational Marketing Consultant will be the difference between growth and stagnation for your company. The world has changed. The advent of the internet and smart phones has changed the world in a few short years – perhaps more than any other innovation in history. Technology has changed the way we interact socially, how we spend our free time, how we shop, how we buy and how we create, disseminate and use information. The wise business leader will begin to notice how these trends affect their bottom line today, and into the future. The use of technology is just one way the world has changed. Business owners must be aware of the vast differences in the generations that currently makeup their workforce and their customer base. The business owner must be aware, but there is no need to become an expert. The experts in this complex, and fascinating field are already out there. Generational Marketing Consultants. It is getting increasingly difficult to identify exactly where a business should invest their marketing budget. Life used to be more simple. A business could do television, radio or print ads. After World War II, the vast majority of consumers were the same age, had the same general values and had similar needs. Now the needs of the five generations are different and the type, variety, style, content and frequency of applicable marketing strategies must change, expand and be flexible for each generation. This type of marketing has become so complex, I believe that the only people who fully understand the multi-faceted world of generational marketing are those that are experts and study this for a living. I believe the wise business leader should invest in a Generational Marketing Consultant today, for the long-term benefit to her company into the future.


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