With the onset of old age, many individuals notice changes in their physical and mental health. Seniors may start to lead solitary and lonely lives. This is a serious issue and may bring about some major diseases like heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and others. Knowing this you should take steps to ease the chances of loneliness in seniors in your life.


Everyone has priorities in their life but spending quality time with your aging loved ones should be high on the list. It might be hard to make time for regular visits but it will be worthwhile. It is human nature for all of us to want to find someone with whom they can share their memories and experiences. Studies show that sharing is one of the best healing medicines to combat stress and loneliness in seniors. Enjoying hobbies together can also help stave off loneliness in seniors. Use spare time for activities like gardening, reading, arts and crafts, or writing.


Photos are a great source of nostalgia, reliving past experience and sharing them with others is a wonderful way to battle loneliness in seniors. Results conducted from studies show that mental stress was significantly reduced when looking at and talking about pictures of a specific event that a senior really enjoyed. You can also show them your photos and swap stories with one another.


Playing games can also help combat loneliness in seniors. Board games like Chess, Go, and Backgammon can promote the growth of dendrites, a part of a brain cell which is responsible for sending signals around the body. Moreover, these games require strategy, management, and concentration, which can only be achieved in the coordination of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Furthermore, video games are proven to improving memory, focus, social interactions, decisive decision making, and multitasking abilities. Studies have shown that playing video games can greatly improve hand eye coordination and muscle response times. Seniors can take interest in playing games with their grandchildren as well as this will make them grow closer.


You’re never too old to learn, and learning new skills like cooking, computer courses, or even attending classes to get a G.E.D. or college degree are amazing ways to to feel accomplished. Interacting with younger people in class settings can bring about amazing new friendships and both parties can learn from each other. Talking about old dogs and new tricks…..Another option to combat loneliness in seniors is to get them a pet. The love of a pet is a powerful thing and taking care of a pet can also make someone feel more in control of their life. It’s hard to feel lonely petting an animal and received all that unconditional love!


Physical activities are proven to be beneficial for a good start of the day. It’s called the great outdoors for a reason; walking, driving, or even just sitting outside having a picnic can be very enjoyable. Taking a walk in a park for 15-minutes can greatly improve a person mood. Don’t rush, try and keep a slow and steady pace. This is not only good cardio but helps calm the mind, as they say stop and smell the roses. Fresh air can work wonders on a person and visiting new spots can release neuro-chemicals that trigger delight and pleasure. So get out there and enjoy the sunshine.


Sometimes it’s embarrassing sharing our feelings with family members. Keeping our feelings to ourselves can have negative consequences that might lead to psychological problems and even depression. It is important to have friends that you can talk to. Many community centers have programs that allow for seniors to get together and socialize such as dances, shows, and the ever popular bingo games.


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