Independence is paramount in our day-to-day lives, so it’s no surprise that the fear of losing one’s independence — especially among the elderly — is substantial.  In fact, research suggests that over ninety-five percent of people 75 and older say they want to stay in their homes and live independently indefinitely.

So, how can you or a loved one take steps to safeguard your independent living while remaining active and engaged?  You can make your lives safer and more comfortable by investing in some great products aimed at seniors who have made the choice to “age in place.”  Here are a few product ideas that will keep you living independently and still having fun as you age.


In the Kitchen

3468398305Kettle/Teapot Tipper – Enjoy that nice cup of tea without the worry or concern of scalding yourself.  If you have gripping or dexterity challenges this product is perfect for you!  This ‘tipper’ allows the user to pour hot liquids safely and steadily without lifting any weight.  It is suitable for most types of teapots or electric kettles and comes with a Velcro strap for added security.  Made completely from plastic it is lightweight and corrosion resistant.  This product has a raised tilting platform that is designed to assist with pouring from any standard kettle with virtually no effort or risk of spilling boiling water.


Staying Connected

Careline-Vtech-coverVTech CareLine ™ – Want to stay socially connected?  Seniors are empowered to maintain active lifestyles and close relationships with this home telephone and personal communication system.  This product was designed to answer your daily communications needs and support hearing, dexterity or vision challenges. Features include large displays, photo speed dial, reminder capabilities, volume boost and a wearable pendant with one-button dialing that directly calls those pre-selected people who you communicate with most or for emergencies.



Outdoor Activities

Garden Kneeler Seat GKS-2 Action 1 - 960Garden Kneeler – This is the essential tool for any ‘green fingered’ person!  This product helps with the repetitive motion of getting up and down – which can be a strain on both the back and the knees. Made from robust steel with a soft comfortable kneeling platform, it also has arms that are just the right height to assist getting back up with stability in mind.  It weighs just 8 pounds so it’s not difficult to carry, it folds flat in seconds and can be easily stored away.



Just Relaxing

Arran01 Manual Riser Chair Choosing the perfect chair that is designed to meet your needs can make a real difference if you need a little help when you’re standing up.  This assisted lift chair is designed with a lever that locks behind a catch to hold the seat securely when in a down position.  Then, when the lever is pushed forward into the slot, the seat catch is released and the pistons assist as you rise to get out of the chair.  The chair is very fashionable and it also has secure armrests that are comfortable and will help you feel more stable as you rise.



Out and About

p311685bSwivel Seat Turn any seat into a swivel seat.  If you suffer from arthritis, leg, hip or back problems and have difficulty entering or exiting a car this swivel car seat is perfect for you.  The padded seat swivels 360° to offer you maximum comfort and turning mobility.  You can also use it on the seats in your kitchen, living room, or office.  Just position the swivel seat in place and it will swivel you easily in and out without pinching you or your clothes.



As we age, we all notice a certain amount of physical decline. Whether this change is pronounced or barely noticeable varies from person to person, but eventually all of us need a little help in our daily tasks. For an independent individual, even the mildest changes in physical ability can be extremely frustrating.  Hopefully these products will allow you to continue to live your life to the fullest in a safe environment.

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