Senior Exercise Tips

A healthy person can enjoy everything that life has to offer, by working smarter and harder to stave off disease and illness. When in our youth we don’t appreciate the wonder that our body is. The body is a machine that is capable of recovering from diseases faster, move better and allows us to do all the amazing things that make life worth living. But as time goes on our body starts to slow down, which makes senior exercise so important in later life. Without exercise we become more prone to injury and illness and can easily become exhausted, here are some senior exercise tips to help stay fit after 55:


“The food you eat can be either the safest and the most powerful medicine or the slowest form of poison”Ann Wigmore
It is a well-known fact that food has an impact on human behavior. Food is partially responsible for the release hormones which control emotions such as anger, happiness, stress, and others. Due to this medical professionals advised eating a healthy balanced diet. Eating in moderation has additional benefits such as, it can improve one’s mood, lead to a good-night sleep as well it can increase the labido.

Fruits are rich in fiber, fats, proteins and other vital nutrients that are essential for keeping the body fit. They are delicious and are a great alternative to processed sugars, but should still be eaten in moderation.

It is important to avoid carbonated sodas, fast foods, junk food, oily foods, etc. as these may affect your health in varied ways.


A real worry some people have is that as we age our body gets more delicate. This is partial due to a loss of calcium in the bones as we age because 99% of the body’s calcium is located in the bones and teeth. During childhood as we grow, our bones get bigger and stronger. Bone is constantly being broken down and rebuilt and calcium is needed for the process. But once we reach our final height during our 20’s the amount of calcium lessens. This loss can lead to joints and knees problems as we age and can cause bones to lose their original strength and become more brittle. If you worry about having brittle bones or joints try some senior exercises that are low impact, like swimming for your workout. That being said check with your doctor and see if you might need a vitamin supplement to keep your bones strong.


Our body is like a machine which needs to be constantly used, maintained and refueled to keep working properly. Exercise will help keep your body stay agile and and strong, and can even help you look younger and feel better. Various types of senior exercises have been invented to make a well-toned and strong, healthy body. Your body does not remain as vigorous as it was before 55, so it is advisable to do light exercises like isometric exercises ( Exercise Program for 50+). These exercises are designed to exercise your muscles and to retain strength and flexible without worry about damaging the ligaments and bones. These are perfect senior exercise that offer zero cramping and are completely safe for people of any age.

With the increase in the age, the muscles of an adult can become fatigued and achy, due to the lack of proper exercise and diet. Yoga addresses muscle flexibility and breathing techniques, these are necessity for senior especially those that do less of walking during the day. Yoga can be practiced in a different positions including a wide range of motions making it a great senior exercise.


Keeping the brain actively engaged helps to keep a healthy lifestyle at any age but is even more important in the elderly. Once you have reached age 55 some mental function can occur and make you feel as if you are slowing down, but it is entirely possible to maintain your mental health in your senior years. This can be achieved through the reading of novels, newspapers, comics or playing simple brain-teaser games like chess, crossword puzzles, sudoku and so on. This will enhance your memory and also keep your brain sharp.

Stress is a very harmful mental disease that not only affects the memory but also can seriously affect the metabolism of the body. Problems with ones metabolism can lead to various cardiac issues and even heart attacks or death in extreme cases. The burdens of stress that stems from a lifetime of responsibilities doesn’t magic stop just because someone gets older or retires. this doesn’t mean that you can’t find new ways to deal with that stress though.

There is a form of interactive sessions for aging people living in a retirement communities that come together to answer questions and share experience about their childhood or adulthood. This is called reminiscing therapy and it is good for cognitive functionality. For individual seniors who are less inclined to be social, they can still enjoy the benefits that come from reminiscing either through writing a memoir or creating a scrapbook with memories from the past. Think of these are senior exercises for the brain.


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