Technology changes daily and the most used technology now-a-days is the smartphone. There are many things to be on the look for when you decide to get a new smartphone for seniors, screen size, brightness, ease of use, size among others. We will go over some of the best smartphones for seniors and explain the pros and cons of each. A smartphone differs greatly from a simple cell phone, cell phones are very basic with few features besides making calls or text messages, a smartphone is a palm sized computer with the internet at your fingertips.

Android vs Apple

When looking at smartphones for seniors you have to realize first and foremost that there are 2 main operating systems, Android and iOS. While there are others these are the most common and easy to use and find.

Android is made Google and is an open source operating system. The open source means that source code, the blueprint for the program, is made available to the public and anyone versed in the programing language and make programs that will work on it and can edit the original design to make it better.  Now this doesn’t mean someone can just get into your phone and change it, it just means that someone can agree to terms of use set forth by Google and use the base code as a starting point to improve or edit it in some way and that others can then download and use this new changed program. The Android OS is similar to the Windows OS on PC’s which many people like and can make them great smartphones for seniors.

Smartphone for Seniors: Android

The Android powered phones are considered by many to be the superior choice of phones here are some of the pros and cons of Android based phones.


  • More brand options
  • Prices are cheaper
  • Extremely customizable
  • More free apps
  • Better battery life


  • Differences between manufactures may cause confusion switching between phones
  • People don’t always set up automatic system updates and can slow down their phone
  • All the customizable options can be confusing

Apple if you didn’t know makes the iPhone, which is run by the iOS. The iOS is used on most of Apple products and is fairly uniform across all devices and its computers, which use a similar but different operating system.  Apple makes a sleek and stylish collection of smart devices that are updated annually with new cosmetics and features.  With it’s operating system being the same across all it’s product lines it is very easy to use but can be somewhat confusing to those that use PC’s and not Mac’s. With how easy it is iPhones make great smartphones for seniors.

Smartphone for Seniors: Apple IOS

Now here are the Apple iOS pros and cons when considering


  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • Best security and privacy settings


  • More expensive
  • Little customization
  • Short battery life
  • Worse camera

The choice of smartphones for seniors once you’ve narrowed down the choice between the 2 types of phone is much simpler now. If you choose an iPhone, then any basic iPhone is a great choice for anyone. Easy to pick up and use from the get go, you have a limited number of choices though we recommend looking at the iPhone 7 as it is newer but the newest model, thus getting a great phone that is still current but not as expensive as the newest model. If you choose an android phone, then you have many more options.  There are some phones designed specifically for seniors, and while affordable they may not be as reliable as some other named brands. Some of these phones have extra bright screens, larger keyboards or screens and tracking systems. Research your choices and make a check list of what you want in your smart phone before making any purchases and you can find some great smartphones for seniors, and one that will be a perfect fit for your needs (Also read about how to stay socially connected)


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