Dr. Alexis Abramson has captivated audiences worldwide with an in-depth look at the world’s multi-generational population and its profound social, business and lifestyle implications. See below for samples of her current keynote presentation offerings, audience testimonials and sample speaking reels. Dr. Alexis Abramson is an inspiring speaker, corporate consultant, successful author and award-winning entrepreneur and journalist. Her expertise on Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Gen G and the Boomer consumer has been featured in many national publications including TIME, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur and People magazines. Dr. Alexis is an Emmy and Gracie award-winning journalist who has appeared, in addition to many other media outlets, as an on-air expert Gerontologist for NBC’s Today show and Weekend Today over 200 times. As a famous business keynote speaker, Dr. Abramson is highly sought after at conferences, focusing on multi-generational issues relevant to corporations, consumers, government agencies and nonprofit groups. Her engaging presentations provide innovative insight to reach and understand this exploding demographic and to improve their quality of life. To reach Dr. Abramson please contact us via email or call us at (877) 895-3680.

Speaking Reels

Audience Testimonials

Generational Differences

The Boomer Consumer

Women and Aging

Re-Imagining Retirement

Marketing to Mature Adults

Exercise and Longevity

Caring for the Caregiver

"Dr. Abramson’s presentation, materials and delivery were truly exceptional.  I have worked with many speakers and Alexis was without a doubt one of the best!  She came well prepared with a professional and dynamic presentation, which she was able to deliver without a hitch. She managed to engage the audience and got great feedback from those who attended.  Dr. Abramson is creative, organized and is a very inspirational woman as is evident by her many personal and professional accomplishments."

Director of Marketing Humana

"Dr. Alexis is a gifted orator who clearly communicates the topic and provides her audiences with insights and ideas that are immediately actionable. Her ability to capture and keep her audiences attention is immediate from the moment she takes the stage. Any audience that is fortunate to hear Alexis speak will praise her ability to educate, captivate and motivate – all while making them laugh!"

Chief Talent Officer, Edelman PR

"This was my first experience working with Alexis, and I was truly impressed with her ability to quickly understand our industry and recommend the best approach to meet the needs of a diverse audience. Her friendly demeanor and personal experiences on the topic of aging were reassuring in the development of a motivating and meaningful presentation. In addition, her use of multimedia examples to support her thoughts provided an extra level of engagement. Whether your audience is big or small, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a dynamic and passionate speaker."

Director of Market Research and Analysis, Beltone

"Alexis worked with me and my team on various projects as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence. She is one of the most well-rounded professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. Specifically, Alexis is highly intelligent and has superb analytical and communications skills. Alexis is extremely driven, innovative and well-regarded as an industry thought leader. Her grasp of B2B and B2C market trends make her an extremely valuable product development partner."

SVP Innovation and Product Development, AARP

"During her high energy presentations Dr. Alexis will help you understand what it takes to get the 50+ population to not only listen – but take immediate action when they hear your companies’ message!"

President Duracell and Braun, P&G

"Dr. Abramson is a dynamic and gifted public speaker. Her down to earth style and southern charm allow her to deliver a highly effective and memorable presentation to any audience. Her superb technique of effectively conveying thought provoking ideas, coupled with a sophisticated use of multimedia visuals, is a truly winning combination. Alexis provided a very powerful, intriguing and compelling presentation."

SVP, Retirement Living Television

"When it comes to understanding the future of your industry or brand, there’s nobody better than Alexis Abramson. If you work closely with her, she’ll provide the vital road map that will help guide you to success."

Co-Founder, Washington Speakers Bureau

Presentation Topics

Custom Presentation built for your organization

Dr. Abramson is more than happy to create a custom presentation specifically designed with your organization in mind. Having worked as a generational expert for over 25 years she is able to speak on a myriad of topics including health, social, business, marketing, generational trends, lifestyle, workplace, technology, sales, etc. To reach Dr. Abramson to discuss a personalized presentation please contact us via email or call us at (877) 895-3680.

Cybercrime and personal identity theft - HOW TO Protect You and Your business!

“Dr. Abramson gave two presentations that were full of invaluable tips and extremely informative for the audience. She was able to turn very serious topics (personal identity theft and security awareness training) into an entertaining event loaded with real examples and lots of critical resources!”

Mara Hannula
Vice President Global Brand Marketing
Marriott International

 Adults (just in the US!) lose an estimated $37B annually from financial exploitation and, on average, only 1 in 4 actually report their losses because they are too embarrassed. That being said, according to a recent report from the FTC people 60 and older are 20 percent LESS likely than younger adults to lose money to fraud – this critical challenge is clearly an issue that crosses the age spectrum!

Our personal information is everywhere and can be easily compromised! Identity theft occurs when a thief steals that personal identifying information, such as a social security number, bank or credit card account numbers and then uses the data to masquerade as you. The crook assumes your identity, opens new accounts, removes funds from your financial institutions and potentially devastates your financial standing. It can take years to repair or simply go on forever. Unfortunately no one is safe – we are all at risk of ID theft – but this presentation will help you learn how to protect your assets!

Dr. Alexis is an expert in Gerontology (the science of aging), cybercrime and identity theft prevention. During this dynamic presentation she discusses what motivates criminals to commit identity theft ( BTW it’s not just money!), showcases real time scam case studies, provides available resources and showcases simple steps individuals can take to keep their identities safe in order to protect themselves  from the abundance of scams and frauds that pervade our societyAlthough identity theft is a serious subject this speech is fun, dynamic and full of great calls to action that can be taken immediately to protect you, and your loved ones, security! This presentation is customized per client and can include many key discussion topics including, but not limited to:

  • Why people commit identity theft and who is their prime target
  • Actual identity theft cases, myths, and truths
  • The most up to date methods of theft, including cybercrime
  • Precautions you can take to minimize your chance of victimization
  • Social media safety/security and online reputation management
  • Protecting your key identifiers from theft
  • Cybersecurity in your office, at home and abroad
  • Database hacking, account hijacking, crypto locker ransom, etc.
  • Digital intelligence
  • Taking specific steps to prevent identity theft
  • Practices to prevent fraud & personal information from being compromised
  • Putting a family and/or business mitigation plan in place
  • How to check and monitor a personal credit file and credit freezes
  • Legal, business operations and reputational risks
  • Protecting your documents, mail and trash
  • Corporate safe travel security at home and abroad
  • How to avoid social engineering, spoofing and scam phone call
  • Preventing email hijacking, account takeovers and social networking fraud
  • Deterring credit and debit card fraud
  • What to do when you fall victim to identity theft
  • Etc., etc., etc. 
Gen “G” – The Generation of Growth™

“Dr. Abramson is a phenomenal speaker. She provided our organization with a fresh, outside the box, look at the largest age cohort with the most money. Her content was incredible and she was extremely entertaining. I would hire again in a minute!”

Gerry Heard
Vice President, Sales
Services Corporation International

Mid-lifers, the 45-65 age cohort, will be over 80M in size for the next few decades reaching more than 96M by 2050. The Generation of Growth™ is not only the largest cohort but they also have the most disposable income. In fact, for the past 30 years those aged 45 – 65 have outspent all other age segments and there is no question that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. In addition, approximately $12 – 15T has already been inherited by the Gen “G” population allowing their spending potential to grow exponentially.

  • This presentation discusses why Gen “G” is the age group that is your organizations real “sweet spotfor the greatest return on investment.
  • Showcases innovative ways your company should position your products and services to attract the 45-65 year old consumer.
  • Describes where the Gen “G” cohort spends most of their professional life, leisure time and disposable income.
  • Provides the audience with compelling lifestage/lifestyle consumer insights about mid-lifersthat will create a roadmap for your team to follow.
  • Details how your organization can adjust your business development, sales and marketing strategies to meet this segments wants, needs and desires.
  • Discusses powerful real-world examples from organizations that have seen great success by focusing their outreach efforts toward the Gen “G” customer. 
Capturing THe Boomer Consumer

“During this high energy presentation Dr. Alexis will help you understand what it takes to get the millennial and boomer populations to not only listen – but take immediate action when they hear your companies’ message!”

Mark Leckie
President, Duracell and Braun
The Procter & Gamble Company


Over 77 million “baby boomers” were born between 1946 and 1964. Every 8 seconds someone in this country turns 65 years old and by 2050 there will be more than one million Americans turning 100.

The economic power of this generation is nothing to be ignored. Boomers control 70% of disposable income, over 77% of the country’s assets and research shows that they are prepared to spend it. In addition, baby boomers are accumulating much more wealth than their younger counterparts, now accounting for more than $3 trillion in consumer spending.

They not only wield enormous buying power these mature adults account for over 50 percent of all consumer goods sales, 77 percent of prescription drug sales, 80 percent of leisure travel spending and 41 percent of all new car purchases. In addition, despite the 2008 recession, baby boomer spending is up an astonishing 45% as compared to the previous ten years.

  • This action-packed presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the boomer generations defining characteristics, behaviors, and perspectives.
  • Provides organizations with a set of tools to capture the boomer consumer through their sales and marketing efforts.
  • Discusses the most innovative B2B and B2C trends that are emerging from the boomer segment.
  • Gives an overview of the fundamental differences, and similarities, between this generation and those that follow.
  • Discusses how boomers are redefining the concepts of retirement and old age as they have moved into their later stages of life.








the Generation myth™

“Dr. Abramson it was an HONOR to have you as a keynote speaker at International ADP ReThink 2020 conference.”

International Marketing Team

ADP: Automatic Data Processing

 This presentation will leave you with a greater understanding of the generational myths, and facts, that impact your company’s productivity. There are many factors that are far more important, and well supported, in predicting workplace attitudes like engagement, behavior, performance and retention than the birth years of employees. During her dynamic presentation Dr. Alexis will share how organizations can build stronger workforces if they remove the ‘generation lens’ and view their employees as uniquely skilled individuals.

Marketing to Millennials

“If you want your sales and marketing teams to learn more about the millennial customer this presentation is a must! We actually asked Dr. Alexis to give both the millennial and the boomer presentation at our event and she did not disappoint. She was very inspirational and truly educated our employees about the 2 largest market segments in the U.S.”

Senior Vice President

Representing one quarter of the nation’s population, millennials are quickly approaching the title of largest cohort in the United States. Between the years 1981 and 1996 over 80 million millennials were born and within the next few years one in three Americans will be millennials. In addition, millennials are fast approaching 38% of the U.S. workforce and 75% of the global workforce.

One-third of older millennials have earned at least a four-year college degree, making this bold and inventive group the best educated in U.S. history. However, this accolade didn’t come cheap – they face $1 trillion in student debt. Regardless of their student debt, millennials’ financial assets are still projected to grow from $1.4 trillion in 2015 to $11.3 trillion in 2030. There is no doubt that this quirky generation with limitless potential will affirm their status as new drivers of consumption going forward.


  • This presentation addresses some unique challenges when marketing to millennials and teaches organizations how to leverage the sheer size and power of the millennial generation.
  • Provides a detailed overview of the characteristics, buying preferences, digital habits and cultural norms of this outsized generation.
  • Gives tangible, research-based advice on how to attract and retain the millennial consumer.
  • Describes a new set of standards that influence their decision making when purchasing specific products and services.
  • Helps the audience understand what drives and delights this influential group.
  • Showcases how organizations can harness the purchasing power of the value conscious millennials.
A MULTI-generational WorkPLACE

“If your company needs to more clearly understand the current concerns and future challenges of an intergenerational workforce Dr. Alexis will single-handedly deliver all the information you need!”

Claudia Patton
Chief Talent Officer
Edelman PR Worldwide

For the first time in history, we now have five generations working alongside each other — the silent generation (born 1928-45), baby boomers (born 1946-64), generation X (born 1965-80), generation Y/millennials (born 1981-96) and Gen Z (born 1995 and 2015). There is no doubt that this multi-generational workforce is presenting significant challenges to leadership and communication in the workplace.

The differences between each generation are often quite significant in a business environment. For example, when it comes to making decisions, members of the silent generation and baby boomers normally take a more collaborative approach, often seeking buy-in for a given course of action prior to deciding. On the other hand, younger employees tend to embrace more risk, and make faster decisions with less suggestions/opinions.


  • This presentation clarifies how organizations can stay competitive by embracing both a young and aging workforce without incurring significant knowledge loss.
  • Teaches organizations how to leverage the sheer size and power of 5 distinct generations in the workplace.
  • Takes an in-depth look at both the generational differences, and similarities, between these various cohorts.
  • Gives tangible, research-based advice on how to attract, retain and unite a multi-generational workforce.
  • Speaks to multi-generational differences that relate to both hiring practices and customer relations.
  • Showcases how companies can gain a high return on investment from multi-generational sensitivity training.

“If you’re thinking about starting a company or creating a new product or service for the boomer and mature market Doctor Alexis will teach you all the secrets you need to know!”

Joel Namath
Senior Partner
Mercer Management

Disruption and innovation are two words that have not traditionally been associated with aging. However, with 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day and controlling over $3 trillion of the nation’s GDP, there has never been a greater need for outside the box ideas and concepts geared toward this market segment.

Harnessing this ingenuity requires businesses to exercise their visionary minds and become skilled in the ability to be trendsetters of the next “big thing” in aging. As new products and services are developed and existing ones adapted, learning to cater to this lucrative segment of the population is a must.


  • This presentation explores the multitude of opportunities to start new businesses supporting the vast demands of 50+ consumers.
  • Provides an overview of 50+ market trends influencing the types of new consumer goods being positioned for the growing mature segment.
  • Showcases the latest technology specifically geared toward the 50+ market segment.
  • Discusses the paradigm shift happening in this space due to the vast infusion of artificial intelligence and virtual reality currently being embedded in traditional products and services.
the impact of Caregiving on the Workplace

“Each of us will inevitably face the great equalizer — caregiving. Through her words Dr. Abramson makes a significant contribution to this demographic reality by providing us with an invaluable roadmap for how we care for others as they age and how we want to be cared for.”

Dr. Fernando M. Torres-Gil
Former U.S. Assistant Secretary on Aging
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Director, UCLA Center for Policy Research on Aging

The aggregate “cost of caregiving” in lost productivity and absenteeism to United States businesses is between $13.4 and $25.2 billion per year. There are over 44 million caregivers in the United States. Almost 133 million people in the U.S. have one or more chronic condition and by 2020 this number is expected to increase to 157 million Americans. Nearly 31% of U.S. households are involved in caring for a relative or friend who is ill or disabled. Caregiving is largely a women’s issue with over 75% of caregivers being female, mostly wives and adult daughters. Many of whom are in the sandwich generation taking care of their children while simultaneously caring for their aging loved ones.


  • This informative presentation will enhance employers understanding of what they can do to streamline the caregiving process for their employees.
  • Reviews the five social trends that affect the “crisis of caregiving” in our society.
  • Addresses what our workplaces must do to make corporate environments more caregiver-friendly.
  • Gives real world examples of what successful ‘best in practice’ programs and services are currently being integrated in the multi-generational workplace.
The Four Keys to Longevity

“Dr. Alexis provided incredible insight and enlightened our customers, and employees, about what to expect during the longevity bonus years they are now experiencing.”

Laura Goddard
Director of Marketing
Hearing Life/ Total Hearing Care

At the turn of the 19th century the average life span was 50 – now we are expected to live to 80 years and beyond! So what do our 30 Bonus Years™ look like? How will we take advantage of them? What does research tell us that will allow us to live as healthy, happy, wealthy and wise as possible during this new life stage we’ve been “gifted?”


  • This high energy presentation highlights proprietary research revealing many of the cutting-edge health and wellness trends that will transform our lives over the next decade.
  • Takes an in-depth look at each of the four keys to longevity – body, mind, social and financial.
  • Details a proactive approach toward aging that can add both quality and quantity to ones years.
  • Provides solid direction audience members can employ to create a more purpose driven second half of life.
Caring for the Caregiver

“If you or someone you know is currently a caregiver you can’t afford to miss this incredibly insightful and information packed presentation.”

Debbie Korompilas
SVP and Head of Trust and Estate Services
Bank of Montreal

There are over 44 million unpaid caregivers in the United States, 10 million of whom are millennials — almost 133 million people in the U.S. have one or more chronic condition and by 2020 this number is expected to increase to 157 million Americans. Over one in three U.S. households is involved in caring for a relative or friend aged 55 or older. Many caregivers are caught between the needs of their young families and the daunting task of caring for their older relatives. Watching a loved one grow old is filled with emotional upheaval, when you compound that with other stresses —rush-hour traffic, deadlines, sick children, dirty laundry—caregivers are often left holding the bag. They feel a pressure to be all things to all people, often ending up as the martyr and giving themselves the short end of the stick.


  • This informative, yet uplifting, presentation will suggest ways the audience members can juggle their various caregiving responsibilities.
  • Gives sound tools to help them let go of their feelings of guilt.
  • Discusses practical ways to get family members to help with caregiving demands.
  • Shares the best ways to avoid butting heads with aging loved ones by fostering their independence.
  • Overviews how being the “CEO of Your Own Caregiving” can allow audience members to juggle both giving care and a career.
Capturing The Millennial and Boomer Consumer

“During this high energy presentation Dr. Alexis will help you understand what it takes to get the millennial and boomer populations to not only listen – but take immediate action when they hear your companies’ message!”

Mark Leckie
President, Duracell and Braun
The Procter & Gamble Company

Over 80 million “baby boomers” were born between 1946 and 1964. Every 8 seconds someone in this country turns 65 years old and by 2050 there will be more than one million Americans turning 100. Furthermore, representing one quarter of the nation’s population, millennials are quickly approaching the title of largest cohort in the United States. Between the years 1981 and 1996 over 80 million Millennials were born and by 2020, one in three Americans will be millennials. By next year, millennials will account for 36% of the U.S. workforce and 75% of the global workforce.

The economic power of these generations is nothing to be ignored. Boomers control 70% of disposable income, over 77% of the country’s assets and research shows that they are prepared to spend it. Moreover, millennials’ financial assets are projected to grow from $1.4 trillion in 2015 to $11.3 trillion in 2030. Understanding how to appeal to both of these demographics will be paramount for organizational success moving forward.

This presentation teaches organizations how to leverage the sheer size and power of both the boomer and millennial generations and gives tangible, research-based advice on how to attract and retain these consumers.

Is Your Product, Service or Message Boomer and Mature-Friendly?

“If you think your organizations product, service or message needs to be more “mature-friendly” – this presentation is perfect for you and your employees!”

Darlene Gudea
Editor and Publisher
Builder Magazine

It is critical that your company be “boomer and mature-friendly” so that the 80 million 55+ population will be interested and drawn to purchase the products or services you are offering. The term “mature- friendly” describes a product, service or message that contains all of the components necessary to make it easier for a boomer or mature adult to utilize, understand and operate.

  • Do your collaterals include the language and semantics frequently used by the 50+ population?
  • Does your website contain the elements that are essential for mature adults who have low vision or are hard of hearing?
  • Do your employees know how to speak to customers with a “mature-sensitive” approach?
  • Is your work environment, online presence, sales techniques and standard language “mature-friendly”?


This presentation offers invaluable information to help organizations reach boomers and mature adults in a manner that is germane to their generations. The implementation of these efforts will enhance 55+ customer satisfaction and increase your organizations bottom line!

Hot Buttons for Reaching Upscale Mature Adults

“Missing out on this presentation means missing out on the opportunity to learn how to target (and capture!) part of the 50+ population’s annual spending of over $3 trillion.”

Marketing Director
Harry & David

Dubbed the “me” generation, boomers grew up to become an ambitious and materialistic cohort who greatly value the finer things in life. Controlling over 77% of the country’s assets and 70% of its disposable income, this is not a generation that upscale brands should ignore. Roughly nine million baby boomers have a personal net worth of $1 million dollars or more and live in a household with an income of at least $250,000. This group of boomers control nearly one-quarter of total estimated net worth. Tapping into the unlimited spending power of this generation is key to successful luxury brand marketing.

This presentation takes a close look at the buying patterns and preferred market place of both the upscale baby boomer (55-64) and the upscale mature adult (70+). The seminar also discusses “Trigger Hot Buttons” for baby boomers and mature adults, unique marketing and sales strategies and proper messaging for this niche market.

Marketing to “Baby Boomer” Women

“This presentation opened up our eyes to the tremendous buying and decision making power that lies within the 50+ female population. After listening we went back to the drawing board and revised our marketing plan!”

Editor and Chief
Working Woman Magazine

Why are marketers obsessed with youth when women between 55 and 75 are the golden bull’s-eye of target marketing? This group is more educated, active and affluent than any preceding generation of women. Baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) make up 80 million, the largest generational demographic today. Among boomers, women not only outnumber men but also influence as much as 80% of household purchase decisions. In the next decade, women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the United States. These women are not a niche market — they are the market for companies savvy enough to understand their life transitions, their needs and perceptions and their deep-seated hopes and fears.

This presentation teaches listeners how to cultivate brands that resonate and connect with boomer women who in turn will offer these companies their trust, loyalty and their incredible purchasing power.

The Effects of Gender, Race and Class on our Aging Society

“This ground breaking presentation will give you insight as to what changes need to be made within your community or organization to create offerings that will adapt to a diverse aging population.”

Dr. Merril Silverstein
Professor of Gerontology and Sociology
University of Southern California

Our population is aging – but in a new and dynamic way. As the United States grows increasingly diverse, the mature population is becoming more racially and ethnically complex. The implications of gender, race and class on the life experiences of mature adults is of critical concern both in the U.S. and globally. Combined with advanced age, each of these influences increases the likelihood of health and social challenges in communities and organizations. Organizations must become committed to diversity with regard to their employees, products and services — knowledge is the first step in the right direction. Compelling research will be presented which illustrates how increased “diversity” among mature adults has heavily influenced their attitudes, values, perceptions, lifestyles, and opinions.

This presentation provides an opportunity to explore evidence based research findings associated with these various factors and offers innovative ideas to help support an increasingly eclectic population of baby boomers and mature adults.

Capturing the Mature Market Through Gerontographics

“In order to better understand the mature market we must thoroughly understand the factors that both contribute to its complexity and make individuals within the segment respond differently to marketing stimuli. This presentation very effectively explains how to successfully tackle both of these objectives.”
Professor George Moschis

Professor George Moschis
Executive Director
Center for Mature Consumer Studies

The consumer behavior of mature adults often has more to do with their outlook on life than their chronological age. The physical, social and psychological changes people experience later in life shape their needs and wants. These events and circumstances give rise to four distinct
consumer segments that each respond differently to marketing efforts. Perhaps no other consumer market justifies segmentation more than the mature market. The older people get, the more dissimilar they become with respect to their needs, lifestyles, and consumption habits. Yet many businesses still treat everyone aged 55+ in the same way. When people experience major life events, they often change their outlook on life as they re-evaluate their wants, goals and roles on both personal and consumer levels. As they go through these changes, not only do older consumers’ needs for products change, but so do their perceptions of and responses to advertisements and promotions.

This presentation focuses on “Gerontographics” which is a segmentation approach based on the premise that the factors that make mature consumers more (or less) receptive to marketing offerings are directly related to their needs and lifestyles, which are in turn influenced by changing life conditions.

The Lifelong Pursuit of Happiness and Empowerment

“Aging can bring with it much loss; this presentation will motivate and inspire the audience to live their lives with the energy and happiness that they deserve.”

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
Spiritual Eldering Institute

With the rate of longevity rapidly increasing, we have the luxury of 30 Bonus YearsTM to embark on a journey of self reflection and personal growth. As more boomers reach the milestone age of 60, focus begins to shift from the outward world to the inward. Self-actualization, reflections on the meaning of life and the need to reach one’s full potential become more intense. This period of life presents a unique opportunity to say YES, chase your dreams and ultimately design your life in a way that provides fulfillment.

This motivational presentation inspires individuals to learn how they can thrive in this new era of increased vigor and extended life. The presentation helps the audience discover how an extended lifespan will change our lives, outlooks, vocations, relations and fiscal plans. In addition, the audience will be motivated (and moved) after hearing some of the phenomenal success stories of individuals who “reinvented” themselves and their lives after the age of 60!

The Aging of Public Policy in the 21st Century

“We can’t debate aging policy unless we understand it — this presentation clarifies and simplifies confusing political jargon so that it has meaning and applicability.”

Edwin Méndez-Santiago
New York City Department of Aging

The emerging “Graying of America” will heavily impact the condition of our current government systems of finance, health, long-term care and support. Sixty-nine percent of persons who live to age 65 will need long-term care at some point in their lives. Long-term care is the sum of health, finances, social, housing, transportation, and other supportive services needed by those with physical, mental, or cognitive limitations that compromise independent living.

This presentation examines current facts about the size, distribution, and general characteristics of the older adult population. The content also gives the audience an up to date look at the latest public policy decisions encompassing subjects such as an aging workforce, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — all of which will have a significant link to our aging population and its impact on impending legislation and the future of “age based” public policy.


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