Baby boomers marketing or tailoring your marketing strategy to reach the baby boomer audience can create profound returns and support entrepreneurial success. Considering the shear size of the senior and baby boomer market, creating campaigns that appeal to mature interests and requirements can bring some surprisingly rewarding results. Research has shown that more than 50% of baby boomers and mature audiences now rely on the internet and mobile devices, while others remain tuned into the latest television and radio media. With the growing popularity of digital platforms, utilizing the appropriate media when marketing to seniors can work in your advertising favor.

We look at tips for marketing to seniors and baby boomers effectively.

Marketing to Seniors Online

Online marketing is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and affordable mediums to reach target populations. More seniors or baby boomers invest in the major search engine to generate relevant web results when looking for information. Traditional online functions and features are favored over social media in support of sales conversions.
Creating baby boomer and senior market strategies, the power of the internet remains a reliable solution. Less reliance on social media and video marketing appeals to the interest of a mature audience when promoting the sale of a product or service.

How to Tailor Online Marketing Strategies

Using the good old website with exceptional copy, helps appeal to your target audience. Seniors love to read good content. This is where your specialty should lie. From the creation of online brochures and email marketing to website advertisements, to convert copy to sales, it must follow stringent rules. Provide your senior market with sufficient information on the product you wish them to purchase. Guide copy by asking questions about the item, its purpose and value. Avoid over gimmicky content and include technical aspects where relevant. Invest in customer reviews and testimonials helping instill a true sense of confidence in your brand and range.

Outbound Customer Calls

For seniors reaching retirement or who are retired, your advertising campaign offers the opportunity to connect with individuals who are spending more time at home than work. Outbound calls are efficient and affordable for business when done the right way. Calling your potential purchaser is received more positively by individuals with more time who are willing to listen to the broadcast. Persons who live independently may be encouraged hearing a pleasant voice on the other end of the line. Be sure to tailor your conversation to make it relevant, ask about the recipient in a non-invasive manner and strike up meaningful conversation with a caring approach.

Develop a Trustworthy Brand

Research into baby boomers marketing has shown that your boomer audience is more likely to commit to a sale with the right approach. Seniors need to connect with your product or service; they need to trust the brand before making a purchase. For baby boomers marketing and marketing to seniors, be prepared to invest some time and effort into your advertising and sales approach.

Bottom line

A sound approach when marketing to seniors can tailor your efforts and produce greater entrepreneurial success. From online strategies to telephonic marketing and well researched content can help your brand improve its targeted promotional efforts.


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