Senior independent living has never been so successful and cozy as it is today. Unlike in the past, senior living and retirement communities offer various kinds of care and treatments, in accordance with the physical and psychological needs of an individual. Seniors can maintain independence by choosing the environment and lifestyle they wish to live in.
The services offered by healthcare communities and senior independent living facilities are plentiful and very diverse. The aim is to enable seniors to live their lives free of the restrictions without having to rely on someone, However some assistance is offered if needed by those who need or want it by choosing their level of care. This care can range from frequent visits or hours of care offered each day.


It is important to classify the type of care you will need when looking at senior independent living facilities as the scope of health care services that a wheelchair dependent senior demands would be completely different than someone who might be battling depression or dementia.
Some of the common services offered by assisted living providers are:
• Organization and management of medical appointments
• Housekeeping
• Transportation
• Group shopping
• Three square meals a day
• Managing financial matters like billing
Apart from services, you should also keep in mind the type of apartment and its location as it is really important to know the neighborhood that you will live in.
While deciding the type of services you need, you should make notes of the costs and frequency of said services. Select the types of health-care and domestic services that would be most appropriate for you and your physical and mental needs. For example seniors who prefer to do washing and other domestic works on their own, shouldn’t waste their money on housekeeping services.


Most Seniors prefer to live in their homes rather than in retirement communities or senior independent living facilities. In these circumstances you should be conscious and take some measurement to ensure your family member feels safe and independent in their home.
Communication is crucial in the modern age in which we live. Making sure seniors have access to important phone numbers, websites and emails for doctors, nurses, friends and family is even more crucial. This is because technology changes rapidly and it’s sometimes difficult to keep up. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are great ways to stay in touch via text, email, video or voice calling and they have the added benefit of bringing access to e-books, play games, listen to music as well as keep tracking of important dates and appointments.
Moving into a new senior independent living facility also might pose the challenge of needing to either downsize the amount of furniture or get new furniture for an individual. Trying to cram all the furniture from a 1,600 square foot house into an 800 square foot apartment would be a nightmare. Minimizing the amount of furniture might have the added benefit when in a senior independent living facility to make it easier to move around and reduce the time it takes care providers to finish their services
Emergency response systems and home security systems should be installed in and around the home. These systems are programmed in a way that they instantly communicate with a 24/7 available security center in the event of accident, robbery and other mishaps, within a single push of a button. These centers also offer medical devices with full detection functionality along with health inspection and instant GPS tracking software, which can provide some extra independence and a feeling of wellbeing to the family.


As we age many of the seniors can find it hard to lift heavier objects. This can make them feel dependent on others and makes finding senior-friendly gyms a great alternative to that feeling of dependence. Many senior independent living facilities offer exercises packages and other physical activities for the promotion in health and endurance of seniors. Community centers and gyms also provide classes for seniors that wish to stay in shape. Most of these facilities offer low impact exercises like tai-chi, isometric exercises, etc. and a set of low impact machines designed to keep the bodies of the elders fit and in shape. (Also read about 10 Helpful Apps for Seniors if you are going to start Independent Living )


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